1911 Census

1911Census.co.uk is one of the largest family history digitisation projects ever undertaken, providing a record of everyone who lived in England and Wales in 1911. A unique snapshot of the lives of your ancestors.

The National Archives based in Kew, London awarded DC Thomson Family History (formerly brightsolid) the contract to digitise the 1911 census for England & Wales in April 2007.

DC Thomson Family History, in partnership with The National Archives, host and manage 1911census.co.uk having digitised over 2km of records. On the launch day alone there were over 1.2m visits.

“Their big, flagship digitisation projects undertaken in partnership with The National Archives have been characterised by efficiency, accuracy, high standards and an excellent working relationship. We are delighted to work with this growing British business, contribute to its success and achieve our own goal of ever-increasing awareness and usage of our records online.”